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Waterproof Paper Labels

Say good-bye to soggy labels. Our exclusive IceBreaker Labels with AquaLok™ 100 Waterproof Adhesive stay crisp and colorful, even after 24 hours in a bucket of icewater!

Your label is crucial to the brand identity of your wine, beer, or spirit. But, too often, as soon as your customer puts the bottle into a cooler full of ice, the paper begins to warp, the colors run, or the whole label peels right off.

Stop settling for underperforming paper labels! Your beverage lives in cold and wet environments, so your packaging should be designed to handle those real world situations.

IceBreaker Labels with Aqualok 100 Waterproof Adhesive

Developed by Trysk over a 4 year period with rigorous testing.

Groundbreaking new process makes your favorite material virtually invincible.

Labels withstand temperatures as low as -10 F.

IceBreaker Labels with Aqualok 100 Waterproof Adhesive

Apply labels in temperatures as low as 25 F.

Labels stay firmly attached, even when submerged.

No bubbling, edge lifting, or discoloration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IceBreaker a new kind of paper?

No. It’s a groundbreaking new process that makes your favorite paper label virtually invincible.

You love the label you have now. It reflects your identity and your customers are looking for it. The IceBreaker process takes your branded look and makes it more durable in cold and wet conditions.

Did Trysk invent IceBreaker?

Yes! We developed this exclusive technique in collaboration with our production team and paper supplier. It took nearly 4 years of testing various combinations of materials, adhesives, and other critical components to perfect the formula.

How can I learn more about your waterproof IceBreaker labels?

To get all the details, including performance test results, read our white paper.

Proven to outperform every other paper label.

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Happy Customers

Trysk...achieved “greatness” for our brand.

As a sparkling wine producer we absolutely require materials that perform well without losing the quality appearance of foil stamping, embossing and texture. Trysk’s technical team worked tirelessly to ensure that our goals were met on all levels and now with IceBreaker™ our new design not only jumps off the bottle but can also withstand the rigors of ice buckets and cold environments with ease. Trysk understood that “acceptable” wasn’t good enough, and achieved “greatness” for our brand. As any marketer will tell you, the brand is where the value lies in your business, and with IceBreaker™, we are able to ensure that our brand keeps its equity in the marketplace.

Christian Grieb
Treveri Cellars

testimonial Lacey and Charlie Lybecker

Lacey & Charlie Lybecker
Cairdeas Winery

True partners in helping us build our brand

Trysk does more than just hit print; they are true partners in helping us build the Cairdeas Winery brand. Scott is incredibly attentive to our projects and is always quick to respond. We are so proud to have Trysk on our team!

The absolute best in the business

The Trysk team is the absolute best in the business. Hedges Family Estate has long considered Trysk an invaluable ally in meeting tight turnaround deadlines while maintaining premium quality at a fair price.

Christophe Hedges
Hedges Family Estate