Extended Copy Labels



Extended Copy Labels are a great way to publish lots of information on your product when the product itself isn’t very large. Essentially, the main label folds out to reveal hidden pages. Extended Copy Labels are an efficient and customer-friendly way to communicate effectively.

Don’t sacrifice your main selling space! Put your best brand foot forward with your label and packaging while making the “fine print” exactly that.

Some products or coupons have required legal copy. We can help you stay compliant while maintaining the beauty and cohesion of your brand identity.

Occasionally, companies want to include an instruction manual or How-To-Guide right there on the box. We can help your customers make the best possible use of your product.

Maybe you sell in several international markets. Why have multiple versions of your packaging (and risk having too many in French and not enough in Japanese) when you can ship the same Extended Copy Label to every market on the planet? It might surprise you how cost-effective and useful they can be.

Trysk put together a pdf, which you can download here, with some more technical information if you’re interested. Or you can easily contact us anytime here in our Seattle office to learn more.