Wine Packaging


Trysk Knows Wine (and spirits and beer and cider and beverages)

Nobody does wine packaging and wine labels like Trysk.

Because the outside of the bottle should be as good as the inside. These are a few of our favorites of the thousands of jobs we’ve completed since 2009.


We can print and package anything, and we have. But wine? Well, wine is our first love. If you love wine then you understand.

Ask us about materials, volumes, unit costs, and we’ll have an answer. Tell us about your target demographics and budget and we’ll have an insight. When it comes to wine labels, we’ve done it all.

The breakthroughs in digital printing over the past few years have been nothing short of jaw-dropping. Our stable of HP Digital Presses ensure the right fit for any order, any size, any price, at a level of quality that you won’t believe. Small runs finish offline, large runs enjoy semi-rotary finishing, and no project is out of reach. Ask us, “Can I really print this?” and we’ll answer, “Of course, how can we get them to you quickly?”

Flexographic printing is often a good choice because of its versatility and price savings on large runs. This is what we did before we went digital and nobody “runs flexo” like we do. It’s perfect for faux surfaces, inline foiling and embossing, metallic inks, dual-sided printing, and more.

The wine and beverage industry demands materials that are at once beautiful and durable. We have them ready for you.From standard Wet Strength materials to Wet Stick adhesives to our newly released IceBreaker with AquaLoc 100™ we have you covered. Seeking a no-look approach? Clear poly is a perfect solution. Even textured surfaces from the paper mills to something you create specific to your brand, we can help.

Yes! We don’t just have waterproof materials, we encourage them. Trysk recommends a new, proprietary material construction called IceBreaker with AquaLoc™ adhesive. We spent 4 years on R&D to get to the final product in order to solve the unfortunately common problem that paper labels face while in refrigerators or ice buckets.

We can also use a simple poly material with a plastic look or a regular wet-strength paper stock.

If you can imagine it, we can do it. Let Trysk bring your idea to life.

  • Foil Stamping: Inline, Flatbed, Semi-Rotary, Hot and Cold, even ink treatments on top.
  • Embossing and Debossing: A great method to make your logo or texture leap from the bottle, draw the eye artfully, and convey excellence and subtlety. Inline, Flatbed, Semi-Rotary, and Sculpted available.
  • Variable Images or Numbering: Selling a limited edition wine or beverage? We can number those bottles for you – but that’s just the beginning. Digital printing means that you can have a different image on every single label and the printing cost doesn’t change at all.
  • Tactile Varnishes: Whether it’s using one of our proprietary super matte UV varnishes for a suede feel or a super-gloss spot hit on an image to make it jump off the label we have solutions for every design.
  • Metallic Inks: True metallic inks are available for both flexo and digital projects. Let us advise which is best for you based on the project’s goals.