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Shrink Sleeves give you 100% branding use from your container’s real estate. It’s a labeling solution like none other and not very many firms offer it.

If you have a uniquely shaped container, or if you’re thinking about moving to one, Trysk can help you maximize the beauty and attractiveness of your packaging design. This is custom packaging at its finest.

Global use of shrink sleeves is growing fast. With Trysk’s ability to print shrink sleeves, your desire to completely brand your product with a 360° approach can be fully realized. Take advantage of our capability to assist on both small and large volumes (digital or wide-web flexo) and our deep industry knowledge to ensure you’re always maximizing your packaging’s value. Unlike other types of printing, shrink carries with it an extra level of difficulty and every detail counts: container size/shape, material, method of heating (steam, direct heat, heat guns, etc).

With our engineering know-how, we’ll make sure you are covered (pun intended.)

Shrink sleeves are durable and do well with moisture and abrasion. The images are actually printed on the inside of the label (the surface touching the bottle) so it’s impossible for your branding to become distorted, scratches, or muffed during shipping and handling. And the best part? Shrink sleeves can be applied to literally any surface.

Customers love shrink sleeves because there isn’t any adhesive and so the bottle is re-usable.

Please contact us today if you’d like to know more about shrink sleeves and how they can increase your market share in today’s competitive retail environment. Custom packaging for customers across the United States and Canada.