Print Collateral



Brochures and Catalogs




Why use print brochures or catalogues in the age of the Internet? How good could the ROI from a print catalogue or printed brochure possibly be?

That depends how good your vendor is. We know that printed promotions are still crucial to many businesses and we are here to provide a cost-effective solution. Let Trysk handle your brochure printing, business card printing, and more.


Wow! Factor: The Cover

The most important part of your brochure is the cover. People do, after all, judge a book by its cover, and if you want customers to open your brochure then your cover better blow them away.

Trysk can provide everything from creative embossing to foil stamping, or other special features on the cover of your printed brochure to get your customers’ eyeballs moving.


Inform and Entertain

Design, layout and copywriting come next. Good execution of print fundamentals is how the information travels from the page to your customer’s brain.

Many clients have a talented team of professionals in-house; we are excited to work with them. If you need a hand, we know a few geniuses we can send your way.


The Details

Page size, paper weight, glossy and matte, all the particulars of a print piece make a huge difference when you’re trying to communicate quality, professionalism, and excellence. Let Trysk take care of the little stuff so you can focus on big ideas.

Business Cards

When it comes to business card printing, Trysk is a specialty designer and printer for those seeking that extra touch of beauty and distinctiveness. Bells and whistles like double sided embossed or debossed business cards, foil stamping, uniquely shaped business cards, or specialty papers are where we shine.