Flexible Packaging


Flexible Packaging may be new to your company but you’ve definitely seen it before. From candy bar wrappers to resealable bags of rice to dog treats, flexible packaging is an increasingly popular packaging format. The packaging industry has been moving strongly in this direction for the past five years and Trysk has been at the vanguard.

If you’re using a box or generic bag today think about making the switch.

What are some advantages of custom flexible packaging?

Resealable for customer convenience
Compostable options available for green companies
Special features like clear windows or metallized effects suddenly become very cost-effective



Many of our clients tell us that they love flexible packaging because we can print on the entire container (not just the label) which gives your creative team limitless scope to apply your brand identity with imagination and craft.


Does custom flexible packaging cost more than regular labels?

Flexible packaging and regular labels have roughly the have cost when you look at the entire process. Remember that after labels are printed they then need to be applied to a container by machine, which is an additional expense. Flexible packaging skips that second step.

Some companies avoid the expense of label application by asking employees to apply by hand. This laborious process lacks the precision of machine application and harms the quality of your brand identity. Flexible packaging is a better choice.


What are some of my options for flexible packaging?

A few standard formats include:

  • Stand-Up Pouches
  • Stick Packs
  • Cold Seal
  • Shrink Film

If none of that sounds familiar, don’t worry about it. Give us a call and we’ll find the best solution for your unique product and marketing needs.


Safety and Quality are Paramount

Custom flexible packaging is a good option for edible products. We’d like you to know ahead of time that we will be very information-intensive with you on any food-contact product. It is very important to us that we cover oxygen and moisture barrier as well as overall shelf stability. We have your back!