Design Services


Trysk knows graphic design for labels and packaging. You don’t print more than sixty million labels in five years without getting to know the artists and creative professionals who make custom packaging design possible.

From finalized Adobe files to the vaguest of ideas, Trysk is here to help you make the outside of your product as good as the inside.


Which of these describes your project?

  • File prepped and ready to go: You know what you want and don’t want any deviation. Easy! Send in via our FTP or email it to us and we’ll be in touch quickly to go over timing, pricing and any notes you wish to add. We guarantee you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Cocktail napkin idea (at best): You have a product and a dream but nothing foundational for artwork or package design. That could mean no art at all, not even a logo, or some foundational work but nothing dialed in to what you need for that idea to be produced for a container. No sweat! Our relationships with award-winning designers across the country are at your disposal. We refer people to them all the time and they know design as much as we know print – you’re in good hands!
  • Somewhere in between: Usually this means you have something designed, and possibly working out in the market already, but wish to enhance, modify or find ways to bring the cost down without sacrificing quality. This is where we excel! Each of our staff is trained specifically to help bring ideas to the table and help guide the process as much as you wish. Adding varnish treatments, foiling, embossing – all easy for us to do internally. Conforming sizes to make production runs more economical – simple and very cost effective on both the prepress and final pricing. Ask your representative to help and they will – it’s in our nature!