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the world is moving this way!! 5 years ago we could say that a majority of trysk’s business was in pressure-sensitive labels but the trend is moving heavily to flexible packaging and luckily (for you and us) our printing presses and knowledge-base dovetails nicely. trysk has experienced staff on every side of this equation so if you are launching a new product or moving from an existing vendor to us we have the details covered.

• stand up pouches
• stick packs
• cold seal
• shrink film** unlike other types of packaging please know ahead of time that we will be very information intensive with you on any food-contact project. many variables effect the quality and cost of any project but with direct food contact we go the extra mile in making sure that we also cover those bases. oxygen and moisture barrier info as well as overall shelf stability must be covered on each and every new project – rest assured, we will be watching your backs. **