Blood Oath | Trysk

Project description

Blood Oath Bourbon seeks out the world’s finest whiskeys and combines them artfully into never-to-be-repeated annual editions. Each batch represents an oath between bottler and drinker: a promise to deliver quality, to fulfill the most sophisticated pallete, and to never reveal the source.

Designer David Cole knew that Blood Oath needed a label as secretive as the product and as ancient-feeling as the concept of a blood oath itself. These labels shine like edicts from dukes, feel like parchments sent between brother warriors, and sing like a holy pact between knight and king.

With this intriguing design in hand, our team took a standard material and added textures, varnishes, foiling and other features to make this a one-of-a-kind package in a crowded marketplace. Add the numbered bottles and you’ve got a gold-standard label fueling excellent growth for our client.