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Printing in Wenatchee, We Meet Awdience

Time for a shoutout to one of the best design teams in the Northwest!


Awdience sets the gold standard for label and packaging design. Elena and Aaron Payne (assisted of course by their new son Marlin) started their Wenatchee-based business in 2011 and have been helping regional wineries put their best foot forward ever since.


Awdience and Trysk collaborated on a project for Crayelle Cellars, based in Washington’s Columbia Valley.


Crayelle produces very small batches for highly-educated wine drinkers – between 60 and 140 cases a year! They felt their old label was not representing the quality of their product or the identity of their winery. Like we always say, the outside of the bottle should be as good as the inside!


Awdience embarked on a total renovation of Crayelle’s visual identity, beginning with their logo, transitioning into labels, and finally porting into their web site and all collateral and packaging.



Crayelle’s new logo projects quiet confidence and elegance. The subtle curves of the label top and logo components seem to say, “We took our time, because we wanted to get this wine exactly right.”


Another collaboration was for Wenatchee local heroes Pybus Public Market.


Pybus Public Market hosts local shops and seasonal farmer’s markets in a renovated steel mill. The structure has stood for many years and its renovation was a really big deal for the Wenatchee community. That’s why the market wanted to celebrate their big opening with a privately branded wine:




The historic photograph takes center stage for this project. The layout and font choices flow from there, reflecting the building’s industrial history and mimicking the architectural shape of the pointed roof and big, broad floor.


We asked Elena what makes a collaboration with a printer successful, and she said:


Open lines of communication. Discussing ideas early keeps the job successful, beautiful, and affordable. I can design to the client’s budget and do more with less.


If you need a top-notch designer for your next wine or beverage project, look no further than Awdience.

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