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Weatherproof Labeling | Black Raven Brewery

Fill a cooler with ice and roll it down to the waterfront. You’re looking to impress your party with a collection of carefully chosen 22oz beers.


As the hours pass, and you get on with your cookout, what happens to the label on the bottle?


It peels off. It’s bubbled, distorted, or smeared. You can’t really tell what beer you’re drinking anymore!


This has been normal for a long time. But for us, it always seemed like an unacceptable design flaw. We expect a product’s packaging to persist in its natural environment.


Wine, beer, and beverage companies put a ton of work into their labels. The label is an absolutely crucial component of a beverage’s brand identity. And, frankly, we got tired of watching all our hard work float to the bottom of a cooler!


That’s why Trysk developed a new kind of paper called IceBreaker with AquaLoc 100™.


We collaborated with a paper supplier to re-evaluate every aspect of the labeling process, including materials and application, to create labels that stay where they belong. We tested them in laboratory and real-world conditions for months.


Here’s a real IceBreaker project for Black Raven Brewery in Redmond, WA:



IceBreaker is ideal for 22oz bottles, growlers, and other containers that are competing with wine for aesthetic attention. Larger bottles sit individually on the shelf, label out, and bear the burden of communicating premium quality to go with their higher cost.


We connected with Black Raven via their superb graphic designer and friend of Trysk Blind Tiger Design.


Black Raven knows that their beers often wait in the fridge for a special occasion. 22Oz bottles are often served or shared, possibly with other craft beer enthusiasts, and they needed their label to maintain beauty while gathering condensation in personal refrigerators.


There’s a concept in packing design called “secondary marketing” that occurs in the home. Brand impressions don’t end with the purchase. As the beer waits in the fridge for a dinner party or gameday, it must continue to make a positive visual and tactile impression to encourage repeat purchasing.


Black Raven decided that the incremental cost increase of an IceBreaker label was worth the investment in secondary marketing. And we are so proud to have delivered this beauty bottle.


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