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This Labeling Trick Makes Bartending Easier

Bartending is hard. Fast-moving drink-slingers need to know exactly what they’re grabbing, in the dark, while people are shouting at them, making more drinks in ten minutes than a normal person can make it two hours.


Bitters are a bartender’s product. Great bitters blend seamlessly into the cocktail and enhance the experience like so much magic pixie dust. High-end bitters like Scrappy’s help set the great bartenders apart from the merely good.


So when Scrappy’s did market research for their product launch they got one comment again and again: label the top of the bottles, not just the sides, so we can see what we’re grabbing from every angle. It was an obvious but crucial insight.


Most bitters are only labeled on the sides, which bartenders found to be a huge time-sink. Scrappy’s Operations Manager Kia Karimi noted, ”In a dark bar, lights are slow, slammed at the well, normally you’ve gotta pull every bottle out of the bitters well and figure out which flavor you want.” They set out to solve the problem.


Sounds easy, right? Drape a sticker across the top of the bottle, so it looks like this:



But take a closer look at that purple sticker, or “topper”. It crosses both plastic and glass. Those two materials have very different surface energies. And both materials are sloping convex edges.


The trick with this job was to find an adhesive that would work with both surfaces, on that difficult shape, so the topper stayed attached to the cap for as long as possible. This adhesive needed to work in highly varied and often wet environments.


Where did we go from there? Lots and lots of trial and error, at times resembling a basketball bracket. We called every paper vendor we knew, tried five things, threw out two, tried three, threw out two, and finally were left with a clear winner.


It was a lot of time but it was worth it. Scrappy’s quickly achieved elite status within the bartending community and their brand-new company grew quickly. Trysk will never shy away from investing in our clients.

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