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Revelry Vintners soared through Wine Advocate’s 2014 Review , boasting 90+ scores on a half-dozen of their Washington wines, as a reward for their years of focus on place.




“In 2005 we started with a goal to make three wines sourced from vineyard sites across the Columbia Valley and to do those wines simply, and very well. For three years we stayed the course and honed our craft on these wines. By 2008, we had made our way into a few particularly exceptional vineyards – sites by all rights we lucked into due to the fact that they were either already incredibly sought after or, in a few cases, plantings that were just old enough to produce fruit at that time which are phenomenal now. Nobody knew at that time the real potential in those locations.”


Terroir and a strong sense of place in Eastern Washington are so important to Revelry’s owner, Jared Burns, that they’ve been decorating their bottles with maps for years.


When Jared asked us to expand our work from their famed AERIALS line to their new line, RANGE, we knew right away that Revelry’s emphasis on terroir had to stay. Maps represent everything wholesome, sophisticated, and authentic about their top-flight winery.


But we still needed to find a fresh direction and new insights.


The standard sepia tone map has been done to death. We wanted art that looked like an old 35mm slide, silvery and shiny, and so we looked into adding silver foil to a rough paper stock and printing ink directly on the foil. Trysk invested several months of research and development into the method and we love the result.


Here’s the map of Horse Heaven Hills that Revelry keeps on their web site:


Horse Heaven Hills

Horse Heaven Hills


And here’s the beautiful packaging rendition, with the year and varietal floating atop the mighty Columbia River:





Classic, instantly recognizable, and unique to the terroir of Revelry’s sources. A good label brings the inside to the outside.

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