Gorgeous Candle Packaging

Gorgeous Candle Packaging

We like our little blog here at Trysk but everyone knows that The Dieline rules the roost when it comes to news and aesthetics in the packaging industry.


The Dieline gives out annual awards for excellence in packaging design. We fell in love with a beautiful box set from Marie Todd Candles, designed by Pradio Studio, and needed to share.



Trysk CEO Stephan Martinez commented, “What’s great about this box is texture. People overlook texture all the time.”


Look at the way that the lines and borders of the graphical elements are embossed (protruding from the surface) or debossed (pressed into the surface) and the choices of materials that coincide with those choices. It’s fascinating to the eye and begs you to learn more.


“This box is just engaging,” Martinez continued, “I want to pick it up and I know that when I do I would feel something. It engages the inquisitive part of your brain, and that’s half the battle, because once it’s in your hand it tends to go in the cart.”



This combination of touch factor, beauty, and weight are what come together to make this packaging so successful.


Congratulations to Prado Studio and Marie Todd Candles for their well-deserved win!


See more gorgeous images at The Dieline.

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