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A Gluten Free Whiskey Pie | Dessert Liquors

This week’s post is guest-authored by Daniel Held, Trysk’s graphic designer and webmaster.


Directions: Take a sip of whiskey and relax.

Every day at Trysk, we work with the country’s best liquor producers, helping them execute their labeling and packaging projects, and so you can’t blame us if we sometimes get have whiskey on the brain.

I started with a bottle of Madame Damnable from our friends at Sound Spirits in Seattle, WA.


Then, I found this delicious-looking recipe online at Simply Gluten-Free and knew right away that I had to give it my best shot.
Oops…it looks like some of this whiskey mysteriously disappeared before I started cooking! That must be because the Seattle Spirits Society called Madame Damnable the best American Whiskey they’ve ever tasted:


Very fruity–raisin and dried apricot, almost wine like. Light. Will be interesting to see what a little more age does.
Nose of youth and barley, full nose wave. Lightly bitter with firepit char but grows on me with every sip.
An all around pleasant sip. Woody in a good way and very drinkable.

Eventually I got around to buying the rest of the ingredients, especially the 1 ½ cups of mashed Oreo cookies. You can check out Simply Gluten-Free for all the details!

Here’s all my stuff:

Here I am mixing:

Here are a few action shots:



And here’s my whole pie! Is that bottle slightly emptier? Hmm, how does that keep happening?

And she slices up real nice.

I usually like to have a little alcohol with my dessert or a little dessert with my alcohol; this was the best of both worlds. This chocolate whiskey pie was phenomenal. The rich chocolate goodness paired excellently with the subtle smokiness of the malt whiskey. It’s Its dense, velvety texture was delightful and the cookie crust was a fun surprise.

Here at Trysk, we love great liquor, plain and simple. We also know how much hard work and care goes into making it. We believe the outside of the bottle should be as great as the inside. Try making your own chocolate whiskey pie today! Cheers!

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