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5 Surprising Facts about American Distilleries

Trysk serves the liquor, beer, and wine industries with gold-standard label and packaging services, so we’re always on the lookout for surprising facts that help us see the big picture. As we kick off a prosperous 2016, here’s five things that you might like to know:


1. American companies produced a lot more alcohol in 2015 than 2014.


As of October 2015 (the latest month for which the US Government supplies statistics), American companies produced 11,901,420,834 proof-gallons of alcohol. Yes, you read correctly – almost 12 billion gallons.


For contrast, during January – October 2014, it was a mere 10,841,754,619, or nearly 11 billion, proof-gallons. That’s a billion-gallon increase. That’s over 63 billion 750mL bottles!


2. US liquor retailers sold almost $50 billion last year.


It was only $40 billion as recently as 2008.


3. There are nearly 100 million drinkers in the US.


97.97 million, to be exact. And Trysk employees account for 6 of them!


4. And consumption is heavily weighted toward the most frequent drinkers.


Slate’s write-up on the topic from 2014 states:


Almost 30 percent of the country never touches alcohol, the chart declares, and another 30 percent do so only on special occasions—at most once every couple of weeks.


5. Researchers believe that alcohol advertising influences choice, but doesn’t increase consumption.


In March of this year, advertising journal Adweek wrote:


A new study from the University of Texas at Austin led by advertising professor Gary Wilcox, suggests ads have little impact on how much wine, beer or liquor people consume. The study looked at alcohol sales between 1971 and 2011 and found that during the 40-year time frame, per capita consumption remained relatively unchanged. In that time period, the study reports, alcohol advertising in the U.S. increased more than 400 percent.


It stands to reason that liquor, beer and wine packaging works in very much the same way – not by driving the decision to purchase, but by influencing the way the decision goes. Branding is always an important investment. Here at Trysk, we will continue to help you stand out with the best labels and service in the business!


And now you’re armed with knowledge you need for a prosperous 2016!



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